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Strabismus and amblyopia

Sight is a sense that develops from the moment we are born to the first years of life.

During this time, the cells in charge of vision develop, but they may not do it in the correct way. Hence, good monitoring of visual development is vital since childhood, even without presenting apparent symptoms.


It is never too late to treat strabismus

Strabismus (crooked or crossed eyes) occurs when both eyes are not aligned correctly and point in different directions, either occasionally or regularly. The consequences of strabismus:
The consequences, especially when it develops from childhood, can be serious, such as the loss of depth perception and the daily difficulties that derive from it.
In adults, blurred vision is usually the most common symptom.

Lazy eye can cause a severe and irreversible visual defect.

Amblyopia (lazy eye) affects approximately 4% of school-age children and, if left untreated before age 9, it will result in a serious and chronic condition.
loss of visual acuity

How does amblyopia occur?

In amblyopia, the brain does not pay attention to one of the images that come through one eye (lazy eye) in order to avoid double vision and promote the development of the other eye.
As a consequence, there is a loss of visual acuity and, therefore, 100% of the vision of this eye is not achieved even with glasses or contact lenses.


Both in strabismus and in the lazy eye, early diagnosis is especially important to be able to apply the appropriate treatment at a time when there is still certain visual plasticity.
Visual therapy, a comfortable and effective treatment

Visual therapy, a comfortable and effective treatment.

At The Perfect Sense, we can help both children and adults to improve these problems without the need for surgery or the continued use of annoying eye patches. Visual therapy turns out to be an excellent treatment for many of these patients.

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