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Optometric technology

We have the latest technology to detect any type of visual alteration earlier and better.

Sight is a complex sense that involves multiple physical structures ranging from the eye to the brain. Any small alteration in any of these structures will result in symptoms.

Fortunately, many diseases can be detected at an early stage, when they have not even begun to show symptoms. Incorporating the help of the latest technology in the diagnostic phase can be vital.

More effective treatments

At The Perfect Sense, we have innovative high precision machinery that, in addition to helping us diagnose correctly, allows us to apply treatments 100% adapted to the ocular morphology of each patient or the individual characteristics of their alterations.

In our center, we will make the following technology available to you during the detection and treatment phases of visual problems.

  • Retinography

    A non-invasive diagnostic test that allows obtaining a color image of the retina or fundus of the eye.
    This test is used in medicine and is able to detect if structures such as blood vessels, macula, or optic nerve are in good condition. Any damage to these ocular structures can cause irreversible vision loss.

  • Biomicroscopy

    Detection test in which we perform an examination of the patient’s eye with a microscope that allows us to detect and control alterations in the ocular surface.
    The structures that can be evaluated are: eyelashes, lacrimal points, tear film, cornea and sclerocorneal limbus, conjunctiva, palpebral edge, Meibomian glands, sclera, iris, pupil, and lens.

  • Keratograph 5 corneal topographer
    Keratograph 5 corneal topographer

    Non-invasive examination instrument that allows the morphology of the cornea to be studied. It offers a very complete analysis of the anterior face of the cornea allowing to detect alterations or irregularities that would not be detectable otherwise. It is a very useful test to achieve a successful contact lens fitting.

  • Tonometry

    Exam to measure eye pressure. It is a diagnostic test for the detection and monitoring of glaucoma, a silent and serious pathology that results in both gradual and sudden loss of vision.

  • Dry eye module
    Dry eye module

    Study of the tear film and the different structures of the eye that intervene in ocular dryness through a specific software of the Keratograph 5 corneal topographer.

  • Virtual reality
    Virtual reality

    The latest technology helps enhance the effectiveness of the treatment of amblyopia and binocular dysfunctions. Through different games, we managed to improve eye performance with great precision.

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