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Your eyes, and their contour, need special care: free of chemicals and with a specific nutritional contribution.

Itching, allergies, or eye irritations can be common reactions to cosmetic products

This is because the chemicals in most makeup or facial creams are not usually in tune with the needs of our eye, so it is common for some patients to come to our center with discomforts of this type.

Designed by ophthalmologists

In The Perfect Sense, you will find products specialized in optocosmetics designed by ophthalmologists and specifically designed for the prevention of possible alterations related to the use of cosmetics or lack of nutritional contribution.

If you are sensitive to traditional cosmetics, come to our optometric center in Sant Cugat. Here you will find products that also provide essential nutrients for the health of the skin around the eye.

optocosmetics designed by ophthalmologists
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-irritation makeup

    Hypoallergenic and anti-irritation makeup

    For patients who want to take care of their eye health or patients who have allergies to conventional makeup.

    • Eyeliner
    • Eyelashes mascara
    • Eye shadows
  • Natural dermocosmetic products

    Natural dermocosmetic products

    For patients with sensitive skin, with a tendency to present irritation of the skin around the eye or with problems in tear secretion.

    • Micellar water
    • Serum
    • Anti-stress gel
    • Decongestant gel
    • Lifting
We have vegan products
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