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Visual health center

The Perfect Sense,
your center of visual health

We are professionals in the field of optometry, specialists in solutions and treatments for multiple vision problems.
Our mission is to improve your quality of life through your most precious sense: sight.

  • Excellence

    In every sense: facilities, technology, training, and professional experience.
  • Proximity

    Dedicating the necessary time to each patient, without haste, and with the utmost empathy.
  • Efficiency

    We seek visible results as soon as possible.

Visual Health Test

Would you like to know the status of your vision? We have prepared a short questionnaire to guide you.

Our featured specialties

  • Optopedriatry unit

    Children's optometry

    We detect and treat visual dysfunctions from birth to adolescence using contact lenses, glasses or visual therapy.
  • Visual therapy department

    Visual behavioral therapy

    We improve visual dysfunctions that interfere with learning processes through 100% personalized sessions.
  • Orthokeratology


    We adapt Ortho-k lenses, a safe and reversible solution for myopia control through nocturnal corneal therapy.
  • Dry Eye

    Dry Eye

    We combine various tests and the latest technology to detect this complex disease.

How to avoid school failure for my child?

Find out how a simple visual review can help you improve your academic performance in this course.

Our team

  • Yolanda Aradilla The Perfect Sense

    Yolanda Aradilla

    Co-director, clinical optometrist, contactologist and dry eye specialist.
    More than 14 years of experience in a prestigious Barcelona ophthalmology center.
    Yolanda's LinkedIn
  • Hanan Haulani The Perfect Sense

    Hanan Haulani

    Co-director, clinical optometrist and visual behavioral therapist.
    Specialist in visual therapy, pediatric optometry, posturology and sports optometry.
    Hanan's LinkedIn

Our patients

“Yolanda helped me choose contact lenses that fit my eye and the wear time I needed at the time.”

Alba Baena
Department of contactology

“Hanan, in addition to being loving and professional, guided us in everything the little one needed to correct his squint.”

Miriam Teijeiro
Strabology service

“I had had headaches and dizziness for many months. Thanks to Hanan's treatment and professionalism, the annoyances disappeared completely.”

Albert Melich
Posturology department

“Yolanda has been my contactologist for more than 10 years and every time I have to go see her is a pleasure.”

Mar Villa
Department of contactology

“As a mother I can say that vision therapy is effective. And, in our case, the key was Hanan. Not only because of her extreme professionalism or her didactic way of making us understand our daughter's needs, but also because of her great sensitivity, patience and empathy, essential for working with children.”

Paula Gonzalez
Visual therapy department

Are you a teaching or health professional?

Our services and treatments can help your students or patients to improve certain symptoms. Special area for professionals

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93 170 81 74

The Perfect Sense, your center of visual health

Congratulations, you are about to take the first step in taking care of your vision. Tell us more about yourself so we can advise you on a possible diagnosis.
At the end, if you wish, we will tell you how to improve your symptoms without obligation.


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